Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Good Death Guide & Other Tales

I'm pleased to announce that a small collection of my short stories has been released for Kindle, entitled The Good Death Guide & Other Tales. Available now on amazon.

A collection of three short stories for Kindle by genre author and playwright Steve Jordan, featuring: 

The Good Death Guide - an extended version of the story chosen for the 'Featured List' on Wattpad, the online fiction community endorsed by Margaret Atwood. What really happens when you die? You may not like the Guide's answer... 

A House For Nobody - a chilling horror set in a dingy fairground 'crooked house' attraction - will Rachel make it out alive? Co-written with Ellen Gallagher. 

Caving In - a mysterious fantasy about three friends vacationing on an uninhabited planet. They must conquer their darkest fears when they are thrown back in time to a shared past they would all rather forget... 

'Jordan's writing [is] such a great investment at any level' - Views from the Gods.