Friday, 23 September 2016

Checking in

Heeey! I have only posted 3 times this year! So, to re-assure the planet that I am still here and determined to do things, here's a statement of intent for 2017. 2016 is practically a write-off creativity-wise as there are some very big real life events occuring that mean I can't be as active with my writing career as usual and retain sanity.

So, in 2017 you can expect:
  • A Future Boys audio series Kickstarter project first, as mentioned back in January. This should run in Feb 17, and record in March if successful. Previously mentioned 'real life events' necessitated this being pushed back. It's a big project, my biggest to date and I want to be able to devote the time needed to give it a chance at success. I'm very anxious to get started on this proper. The writing is 75% done.
  • A new play. I have two drafted, but I would imagine only one will arrive next year, in the summer. I loved doing Global Mega Inc at the Leicester Square Theatre this year so I hope to return their to debut this 'exciting new material' - you've got to say that haven't you.
  • A novel. The work has started - it's more than just an idea now, but still very early days. I'm taking the rather unusual route of writing it as a screenplay first to get the structure and plot down, and will expand later. I'm basically throwing everything I learned during my time at University out of the window and writing something that I, not your typical genre reader, would enjoy reading. As such, the form will be somewhat atypical, but hopefully not in a hugely detrimental way.
I, reader, will deliver. I hope you'll throw this shit some attention when it flies (especially the Kickstarter). 

Thanks. You can go now.