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Steve Jordan is a playwright, theatre director, award-winning author of short fiction and the co-founder of theatre production group Bad Bat Productions. His plays have been performed in London’s West End and Fringe venues across London to wide-spread acclaim. His short fiction has been awarded a Wattpad 'Watty' Award, and also published in KZINE and the Terror Tales horror anthology series (including the British Fantasy Award nominated Terror Tales of Wales). He also writes audio plays, novels and screenplays (Screenwriting Goldmine Awards finalist). 2 episodes of his new audio sitcom, The Future Boys, were released in 2017 following a successful Kickstarter campaign the same year, and he was recently commissioned by Big Finish Productions to write an audio drama for their Doctor Who range.

If you are interested in Steve or his work, do get in touch: steve@badbat.co.uk.


  • Doctor Who audio drama script commissioned. Big Finish Productions.
  • The Future Boys: The Museum. Sitcom, 2017.
  • The Future Boys: Murder Mystery. Sitcom, 2017.


(As Writer/Director)
  • Super Global Mega Incorporated: Turbo (sketch show written w/ Adam Joselyn. Leicester Square Theatre, 2016)
  • King Chaos (Tristan Bates Theatre, 2015)
  • Global Mega Incorporated (sketch show written w/ Ellen Gallagher, Adam Joselyn & Graeme Hurry. Etcetera Theatre, 2015)
  • Pilgrim Shadow (Tristan Bates Theatre, 2013. The Dugdale Centre, 2014)
  • The Probleming (Tristan Bates Theatre, 2014)
  • Dead Static (Etcetera Theatre & Hen and Chickens Theatre, 2012)
  • A Hero's Journey (w/ Patrick Baker. Etcetera Theatre, 2011)
(As Director)
  • A Recipe For Disaster (by Ray Newell. The Dugdale Centre, 2014)
(As Producer)

Short Fiction

  • Empire of Monsters (Novella, for Kindle. 2018)
  • Aaaagh! Vienna (For Kindle. 2018)
  • Claws (Terror Tales of Cornwall, ed. Paul Finch, 2017)
  • Descent (For Kindle. 2016)
  • Caving In (The Good Death Guide & Other Tales, 2015)
  • A House for Nobody (w/ Ellen Gallagher. The Good Death Guide & Other Tales, 2015)
  • The Good Death Guide (The Good Death Guide & Other Tales, 2015. 'Watty Award' winner)
  • The Offspring (Terror Tales of Wales, ed. Paul Finch, 2014. British Fantasy Award nominee, Best Anthology)
  • Heat (KZINE, issue 8, ed. Graeme Hurry, 2014)
  • Sheep (KZINE, issue 4, ed. Graeme Hurry, 2012)


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