Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Jonathan Creek: 'The White Lady' by Steve Jordan

So, I've written a Jonathan Creek spec script. What started as a bit of fun has turned out as a writing sample. You can read and download the entire script as a pdf HERE.

For fans of David Renwick's mystery series, it serves as a kind of alternative 2013 Easter special. Anyway, whether you're a fan of Creek or not, I hope you enjoy it!

THE WHITE LADY by Steve Jordan
Famous psychic medium Margaret Hart has predicted her own death, claiming she will die at the hands of the 'White Lady', the ghostly figure who speaks to her from beyond the grave. Margaret's son Paul invites his girlfriend Joey Ross and her friend Jonathan Creek to the family home on the night his mother claims she is to die. Margaret's prediction comes true - she dies in a locked room, facing the portrait of the Lady. But is her ghost story a cover for a baffling suicide or a brutal murder? Jonathan and Joey embark on a quest to find out.

My spec Jonathan Creek script was entirely a writing exercise of my own devising and is not affiliated with the BBC TV serials. The characters and format belong to David Renwick, though I had a lot of fun experimenting with them!

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