Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Next Phase.

Hi! I thought I'd take some time to tell you about what I'm doing through the 2016/17 season, mainly so that I stick to it. I'm a bit wary of announcing things way ahead of time, but what the heck...

Global Mega Incorporated will return in 2016 with some tweaks and a hefty chunk of new sketches, alongside some of the best from the debut. I'll be writing the bulk, directing and performing again. Really looking forward to it after a sell out debut in 2015, and some great reviews. Should appear in the summer...

I'm very pleased to say that the Future Boys will make their return in a new crowd-funded project, after a trilogy of successful space adventures/theatre productions. The aim is to get their comedy space adventures to a wider audience in the form of audio episodes, that will be recorded in front of an audience. That's a slow burner (hopefully not too slow), but the ground work is well underway. Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn will return as Tyler and Gary respectively - exciting!

I'll also be producing Sean Hogan and Kim Newman's The Ghost Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore, which runs at the Tristan Bates for two weeks in March. The cast and creatives behind the project have put together a fantastic show, one I'm ecstatic to call a Bad Bat production. Tickets available now, and not likely to be around too long, so get in there.

I'm also working on a new play that will debut in 2017, maybe sooner, loosely based on a short story of mine. Also, I'll be publishing another small collection of short stories in either 2016/17, depending on how things play out. And finally, after a long wait, my first novel will be finding its way into the world in some #wayshapeorform in 2017.

There some other pipe dreams in the mix too, but that will do for now. I'll just keep doing stuff and hopefully you'll dig it. Some of it. One of it. Maybe.